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Who wants to play with me? (original title)


All international rights are available except for German language and Catalan language.


A bear in our soccer team? ... No way!
The crocodiles do not accept Bertie.
Far from surrendering, he decides to form his own team:

the mouse is fast as lightning and the elephant can be

a great goalkeeper. Together with the strong gorilla and skillful
flamingo, they face the crocodiles.
A funny story, where you can read between the lines the value

of friendship and teamwork, accepting each one as it is,
despite their apparent weaknesses.


21 x 23,5 cm. Boardbook (German Edition)

21,5 x 21,5 cm. Hardcover (Catalan Edition)

Pages: 24 + Cover, endpapers, etc..

Ages: First Readers

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